Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Vlog: Operation: Romeo Oscar Charlie Kilo Victor India Lima Lima Echo

I endured the greatest moment of my life(so far), which was Rockville. I may or may not exaggerate my love for Ivan Moody. Hm. Oh well.

The Vlog: Number Awesome

I show off my origami thingies and my guns, also origami, and I believe that I tell of my idea to donate my cans somewhere. I will keep some cans, but most will go, the ones I don't like.

Recapping Last Night

As the title say, I recap what happened last night, seeing as how I rather poorly explained it when at Dakota's house. This is initially the night after we shot the chocolate bunny and broke the Magic 8 ball.

Vlogging Montage: Pursuing Nova

After long time of being ignorant sloths, we finally threw something on the ground, a foreseeable series that I intended.

Who Killed Chocalate Rabbit? We Did.

(Founder)Trenton and (Supporter)Dakota shoot a chocolate rabbit with a pellet rifle. Trenton expected it to explode. It didn't.

The Plans So Far. . .

A vlog in which I explain things. I forget some of these.

Mayhem's Theme Song

A theme song for Mayhem Studios. Initially was intended to air at the beginning of all our videos. Still figuring out how to do that. And many of our insignia's.

A Vlogger's Paradise: The Party

A vlog in detail of my friend Gerald/Jerry's surprise birthday party. Almost everyone in Mayhem Studios is at least 16. I'm the youngest, just turning 15.

Arthur's Pee

Our first independent/random video. Originally tied in with an entire series, then suddenly abandoned, it is currently our highest viewed video.

The Theory That is Mayhem

My first blog. They shall become better and better.
Greetings. This is Mayhem Studios' founder Trenton Smith(Ameteur Youtube-er hoping to eventually become huge). If you are not familiar, which is likely, Mayhem is here, merely to entertain. Though we have other categories of videos. There's entertainment, informant, and destructive. So far, we have vlogs from me, and a random sheep video, sounds lame right? Wrong. Go to this link and click on my first vlog to be informed on what is Mayhem. We hope to eventually become a huge Youtube buzz, Niles and I. With supporter, Dakota. Please view our videos to help us become more and more popular.